Falcon Eyes Shoulder Support Rig VRG-S-2: Stabilizing video shooting!


The Falcon Eyes VRG-S-2 is a shoulder support rig, suitable to stabilize Cameras and videocameras. The soft shoulder support rests on top of your shoulder, which allows you to steadily guide the camera with two hands. The base plate on which the camera is attached, comes with a quick release system and it can be moved forward or backwards easily.

Features Falcon Eyes Shoulder Support Rig VRG-S-2

The VRG-S-2 comes with a counter weight included, which enables the complete rig to lay on your shoulder more stable. The counterweight reduces the physical workload of the user too, because the weight is devided more equally between shoulders, arms and back.
– Two comfortable anti-slip grips
– Counter weight included
– Light weight

Last photo: Connecting Bracket, Sevenoak View Finder SK-VF02 3,0x, Follow Focus SK-F01 and camera are not included.


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Falcon Eyes Gimbal Swing Panorama Head NT-530H: Up to 25 kg!


The Falcon Eyes Gimbal Swing Panorama Head NT-530H is made of very sturdy carbon material and therefore is capable to be loaded up to 25 kilograms! The 2-way panoramic head is the ideal solution when you want to move your spotting scope or camera with camera lens in a free way, without holding it. The panoramic head is suitable for lenses with a length of 600 mm. So, it’s very suitable for large spotting scopes, binoculars and telephoto lenses. It is easy to adjust the panoramic head. The head can be accurate set by means of the size distributions.

Mounting options Falcon Eyes Gimbal Swing Panorama Head NT-530H

The panoramic head is equipped with a quick release plate. The mounting sleeve can be moved forwards and backwards. On the sleeve you can mount all kinds of cameras, binoculars or telephoto lenses by means of two mounting screws with a 1/4″ male thread The quick release plate is easy to remove. The gimbal panoramic head can be mounted on all tripods with 3/8″ male thread.


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Robust Cases from Falcon Eyes, the WPC series!


The Falcon Eyes WPC Cases can be used to transport your equipment safely. The cases protect against moisture and dust and are shockproof. The foam in all cases is pre-cut and can be divided into different shapes to get the custom fit you need for your product.

The Falcon Eyes cases from the WPC series can withstand the toughest conditions. The cases are resistant to temperatures of -33 to + 90°C.

Falcon Eyes delivers the following cases out of stock:

– Falcon Eyes Case WPC-1.0 210x167x90
– Falcon Eyes Case WPC-1.1 330x280x120
– Falcon Eyes Case WPC-1.2 430x380x154
– Falcon Eyes Case WPC-1.4 515x415x200
– Falcon Eyes Weapon Case WPC-2.0 975x430x168
– Falcon Eyes Weapon Case WPC-2.2 1346x394x165
– Falcon Eyes Travel Case WPC-3.0 475x390x200
– Falcon Eyes Travel Case WPC-3.2 560x355x290




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The Falcon Eyes Suction Cup SUP-01, can hold everything!


With the use of the Falcon Eyes Suction Cup SUP-01 you can hang up accessories with a maximum weight of 4 kg. The Suction Cup can be attached to any smooth surface, like a window, table or smooth wall.

The middle part of the SUP-01 comes with a 3/8″ male thread. The suction cup has a maximum load of 4 kg. If you want to mount a flash unit or lamp on it, you will need a spigot adapter.





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Falcon Eyes Lampholder LHPAT-21-1 + ML-28 Lamp, multifunctional!


The Falcon Eyes lamp holder LHPAT-21-1 is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography. With this set you can create a soft and even illumination around a person or object. The set is easy to mount. Included in delivery is a powerful 28W daylight lamp whose power is comparable to 140W. The spiral lamp provides a stable color temperature of 5500K and doesn’t get warm.





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